Aims and scope

Technical Issues (ISSN 2392-3954) is a scientific journal addressed to a wide range of academics and industry workers that are involved in all kinds of scientific and practical problems of technique. Articles are accepted for publication and published in English, Russian and temporarily in Polish. The International Scientific Board composed of scholars from different countries is taking responsibility for keeping the journal on the appropriate level. The Scientific Board includes representatives of science and industry with at least PhD title. Reviewers team is composed of representatives of science and industry from different countries.

In the journal are published articles on subjects in the area of technical sciences. Publications that connect the different fields of engineering are appreciated.

The decision about admitting the article for publication is made by the Editor in Chief on the basis of two reviews, one of the reviews from a different country than the one represented by the author of the article.

The printed version of Technical Issues is the original version of the issued journal.

Contents of the journal are available in open access under the terms of CC BY 4.0.