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Technical Issues
3/2016 pp. 13-18

Zastosowanie algebr hiperzespolonych w przetwarzaniu sygnałów

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The subject of this paper is the application of hypercomplex algebras (in particular quaternions and octonions) in the analysis of time-invariant linear systems. We present the Cayley-Dickson construction of hypercomplex algebras and its important properties. Moreover, we formulate the concept of quaternion and octonion Fourier transform and their properties important from the signal processing point of view. We present an overview of known quaternion Fourier transform applications in the analysis of systems and partial differential equations of two variables. We also point out the direction of further work in the subject of application of the octonion Fourier transform in system analysis and analysis of partial differential equations of three variables. Such considerations are possible thanks to recently proved properties of octonion Fourier transform, which are also stated in this paper.

Key words

hypercomplex algebras, quaternion Fourier transform, octonion Fourier transform, system analysis, partial differential equations


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